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Research projects

Professors researchers of the Faculty of Economic Sciences, Commercial and Management Sciences are active in several research projects and in different areas.

Research projects in activities classified into two types:

NRP project (National Research Projects)

As part of the orientation law and five-year projection program on research and technological development (No. 08-05 of 23 February 2008), the General Directorate for Scientific Research and Technological Development (DG-RSDT) has defined 34 national research programs (NRPs) in collaboration with economic sectors and Algerian researchers established abroad to support creativity, innovation to achieve scientific independence, technological and economic. The first submission of the NRP Projects was closed October 30, 2010. The research professors of the Faculty of Economic Sciences, Commercial Sciences and Management Sciences have submitted NRP 19 projects at the first session.

Projects CNEPRU: (National Evaluation Committee and the Academic Research Program)

CNEPRU type of research projects will be targeted at research and research training at the national level. The main concerned are active research professors in the research laboratories of the different Algerian universities and national research centers.