1- The scientific council of the faculty

The scientific council of the faculty includes, besides the Dean, the Following members:

  • Vices- Deans.
  • Heads of departments.
  • The chairmen of thescientific committees of.
  • Directors of research units and research laboratories.
  • Two (2) elected representatives of teachers by departments.
  • The head of the faculty.
  • Teacher representatives are electedby their peersfor a period of three (3) years, renew able under the sameforms, among thepermanent teachers of the highest rank, in activeinthe faculty.


Board members shall elect from among the representatives of teachers justifying the highest grade, a President for a term of three (3) years, renewable under the same forms, for one time.

The name list of members of the Scientific Council is set by order of the Minister of Higher Education.

The scientific council of the faculty gives opinions and recommendations on:

  • The organization andcontent of teaching.
  • The organizationof research work.
  • Proposals forresearch programs.
  • Proposals to create or delete departments, sections, units and research laboratories.
  • Proposals for opening, renewal and / or closing of post graduate sections and the number of vacancies.
  • Profiles andteacher needs.

It is additionally charged of:

  • Approve post graduate research topics and proposes the sustenance juries.
  • Propose the habilitation
  • Examine the sheets of educational and scientific activities of the faculty that are transmitted by the dean of the faculty, with advice and recommendations of the Board, the Rector may be seized of any other matter or pedagogical scientist submitted to him by the Dean.

The scientific council of faculty meets in regular session once every three (3) months,convened by its President.


According to the Executive Order 03-279 of 23 August 2003 that defined the tasks of the university and the rules for its organization and running and with the amended and supplemented Decree No. 343-06 of 4 Ramadan 1427 corresponding to September 27, 2006, the composition of the Scientific Council of the Faculty of literatures and Languages Abou Bakr Belkaid University of Tlemcen date on 05.08.2014 is as follows:


 2-The Faculty Council:

 The Faculty Council includes:

  • TheDean, President.
  • The chairman of the scientific councilof the faculty.
  • Heads of departments.
  • Directors of research unitsandresearch laboratories.
  • Two (2) electedrepresentatives of teachersby department among thepermanent teachersofthe highest rank.
  • One elected student representativeby department.
  • Two (2)elected representatives ofadministrative, technical and service.
  • The vice Deans, the general secretary and the headof the faculty library attend meetingsin a consultative capacity.

 The operating procedures of the Faculty Council are established by order of the Minister of Higher Education.

 The Faculty Council gives opinions and recommendations on:

  • The development prospects of the faculty.
  • Programming of training andresearch of the faculty.
  • Programming of the shares ofcontinuing education,training and retraining.
  • The draft budget of the faculty.
  • Management of the faculty.
  • The annual reportof activitiesof the faculty.

 The board studies and proposes all measures to improve the functioning of the faculty and to promote the attainment of its objectives and gives its opinion on any question referred to it by the Dean.