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Formative day program in English




People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria

Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research
University Abou Bekr Belkaïd of Tlemcen
Faculty of Economic, Business and Management Sciences
MIFMA Research Laboratory: Money and FinancialInstitutions in the Arab Maghreb


  Formative day program in English

Organized by

Money and Financial Institutions in the Arab Maghreb Reaserch Laboratory

Under the supervision of

Faculty of Economic, Business and Management Sciences,University of Tlemcen


Within the framework of supporting pedagogical training directed to second-year doctoral students of Economics, Business and Management Sciences Faculty at Abou Bakr Belkaid TlemcenUniversity, the Director of the Money and Financial Institutions in the Arab Maghreb Laboratory (MIFMA) and the Dean of the Faculty have the honor of programming formative days in the English language, labeled "English Learning Circle" directed by Professors, at the level of "Discussion Hall – Department of Finance and Accounting"according to the following agenda:


English Learning Circle

February 29, 2024

Meeting Date

Discussion Hall – Department of Finance and Accounting


09.00 AM

Meeting time

3 hours


- Second Year Doctoral Students of the faculty

Attendees requested

Pr. Oubekhti Rachida

Agenda prepared by



Presented By

Agenda Item

     Pr. Benbouziane Mohamed

Pr. Chaib Baghdad

Opening: welcoming introduction

Pr. Halimi Ouahiba

POLDEVA Research Laboratory

Topic 1 : The nuisance of non-renewable energy versus the feature of renewable energy on economic growth -Evidence from Cardon dioxide emissions and Green hydrogen -


Dr. Benazza Hanaa

MECAS Research Laboratory


Topic 2: The entrepreneurial spirit among the university youth

Dr. BelhadjMeriem

MIFMA Research Laboratory



Topic 3:Green Human Ressources Management and Environmental Sustainability

Open Discussion For Attendees

Discussions about the topics


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