Tutoring cell :


The tutoring cell is a supervision window for new students at the University of Algeria.

Its main role is guidance and information. This work is hard and continuous process for the success of the student at all levels (educational, social, psychological ...).

The tutoring cell provided the best teachers with doctoral students for the success of this noble task.

The tutoring cell realizes many successes reflected in the rate of exam success that exceeded 80%.

We ask all new students in the Faculty of Economics, Commercial  and Management Sciences to inscribe in the cell at the departments to facilitate their scientific and educational functions.

The faculty has created a tutoring cell in each field as follows:





Sciences Economiques,Commerciales et Sciences de Gestion 

Mr. AYAD Sidi mohammed 

Salle .....

Ex : bloc SITI 


Tutoring is organized for the benefit of students of first year undergraduate students. (guide of the the tutor )

The tutor is subject to periodic evaluation by the team of the training area and the department head. As such, it is required to submit every three (3) months a progress report. (Tutor evaluation form)

In the evaluation of the activity of the tutor, is taken into account the degree of student satisfaction. (Tutored Questionnaire)


Tutoring work program.

The main axes of tutoring:

1ér trimester:

2nd trimester:

3rd trimester:

For more information, see the following: tutorat.univ-tlemcen.dz