Library of the Faculty 


- Location of the library::

The library of the faculty was created in 1980, located at the university pole imama, a specialized library, includes various specialties in economics, management, statistics, accounting .... etc. for teachers, students, researchers.

Opening Time:

- Sunday to Thursday from 8:30 to 16:30.

- Permanence service during the winter and spring holidays.

Elle est composée de :

-Main reading room with a capacity of 300 seats.

-Second reading room

-Periodicals room

-Stores of Books

-Banks and Loan

-P.C. for consulting the online catalog.

- Library Services :

1-Loan Service :

External loan for books in Arabic and foreign language and internal loan or on-site consultation for dictionaries, encyclopedias, journals and the most popular books called "usual" according to the internal charter of the library.

  2-Registration Service  :

Registration and re-enrollment for all students enrolled at the faculty level and the research professors, starting from the innoguration of each academic year from mid-September to the end of January.

 2-1 :Registration Conditions :

-A registration certificate for students or work certificate for teachers.

-Photocopy  of the identity card

-Two photos .

 2-2 : Re-registration :

  The reader's card and the registration certificate, in case of loss of the card, a declaration on honor is mandatory.


 3-  Acquisition Service:

Needs analysis, selection of titles, purchase of books with coordination of teachers, doctoral students, graduation students' delegates and also library loan officers..

 4-Service document processing :

Inventory, cataloging, listing new books, digitizing theses and filing online.

 - Documentary Fund of the library :

The library includes: : 

  • Number of titles :10082
  • Number of copies :31203
  • Number of dictionaries, encyclopedias : 302
  • Number of journals : 420
  • Number of books in consultation on the spot: 1267
  • Number of theses online: 850 PhD thesis, doctorate L.M.D. and magisteries:

( 310  in management sciences of which 17 master in entrepreneurship master, 482 in economics, 63 in commercial sciences).


Dear reader, for university theses, the Faculty of Economics, Business and Management Sciences offers you the following website: http://dspace.univ-tlemcen.dz

It contains 850 theses between doctorate and magisterial and some memoirs of masters of our faculty.

 - Some statistics  2015 :

  • New purchases: 606 titles including 368 titles in Arabic and 238 titles in foreign languages.
  • 2277 copies including 1532 copies in Arabic language and 745 copies in foreign language.
  • Number of members: over 2616 readers including:.
  • 2010 readers in graduation, 115 in L.M.D., 270 in classical Ph.D. and 61 in magisterial and 160 teachers.

- Lists of titles of the library..

- Lists of new titles 2015:

- Lists of new titles2016.   

                        - en Arabe: N01-2016   N02-2016 



 - Useful addresses for :

Consult the catalog of books and journals online: http://bibfac.univ-tlemcen.dz/bibfseco/opac_css

Consult theses online :www.dspace.univ-tlemcen.dz  (see:  reasearch guide). 

For your suggestions, suggestions, our e-mail address is at your disposal :  bibfseg@mail.univ-tlemcen.dz