Vice Dean




Vice Dean 



Vice Dean in charge of studies and issues related to students

Dr. benknadil Mohammed 

 Contact information :

Phone/fax: (+213) 043 21 21 66  STD : 114



Functions of the ViceDean:

  • Following upthe enrollment of under-graduating students;
  • Ensuring the progress of defending dissertations and post-graduation theses;
  • Informing students about their rights and duties by getting them in touch with the official pedagogical documents;


  • Office ofteaching;
  • Office ofeducation & evaluation;
  • Office ofstatistics, information and guidance.



Vice dean in charge of post-graduation, scientific research and external relations

post-office : Dr. GHOMARI Souhila

Contact information:

Phone/fax: (+213) 043 21 21 66 STD : 107

E-mail: souhila.ghomari@hotmail.com 


Functions of the Vice-Dean: 

- Following uppost- graduation entrance exams ;

- Ensuringthe progress of defending dissertations and post-graduation theses;

- Takingthe necessary measures to ensure the effectiveness of the post-graduating training;

- Supervising partnershipwith the social and economic sectors;

- Stimulating and supportingcooperation between national and international universities ;

- Implementing new programs to ensure the continuous improvement of the teachers’ level;

- Following up the activities of the Advisory Board and preserving its archives.



- Office ofpost-graduationtraining;

- Office ofresearch activities;

- Office of collaboration and external relations.