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CHALLENGE: The CLUB that comes in to help students with specific needs
    CHALLENGE is the Club of the challenge, of those who help without delay in return to assist those with specific needs because the disabled term has been abolished from the dictionary that is part of the cause ... CHALLENGE is the CLUB of these volunteers of happiness and life takes on a different meaning as soon as you see them outside, their bent backs to accompany the disabled and so many others or overwhelmed by their braille printing machines and support them to access teaching.
     THIS 06 MARCH, our students with special needs celebrated their day, anticipating this before the 14th (which is the official day of their holiday) before the catch-ups of the first semester. The morning was very rich in activities with stands exhibiting manual work, crafts and pastries plus a volunteer stand at the entrance and then the passage to this sport so special, onlookers indulged in the game, blindfolded then the divination was at the end of the day (songs, scketches and a theatrical piece plus the intervention of Professor Attar Abdelmajid by a course on human development).
     Bravery calls you its soldiers. You help them to fight on two fronts the handicap plus this difficulty to overcome it.

THE SENSE OF LIFE: Birth of a CLUB and the Story of Two Friends
   HAJI and TOUMI, schoolmates until the specialty of the university separates them; then one wants to become an accountant and the other lawyer .Two young men with the souls of children who live next to the houses of culture incessantly and their network was gradually enlarged until they decide to create concert their Club, then KEHLI the shy and the philosopher joined them and then there are the others who do not know live without the dance, the music and the theater. The club 'the meaning of the life' was born this month of February, this desire, to want to give or be and leave their footprints before leaving the university but especially concerned about what will happen to culture in our country, to want to discipline more cultural exchange ... .Certes the Guitar of Toumi is formidable but not as much as a weapon ... HADJI little talkative and very thoughtful left a breath of mystery on our conversation.
- Young Entrepreneurs Club of the Faculty

      Four mornings of senbilisation (04 till 7 March 2018) that students of the club of young entrepreneurs of the faculty of economics have organized within different poles of the University of Tlemcen, to distribute the flyers and to communicate all the information that comes from the creation of the company from offers of tailor-made training under the auspices of the house to the entrepeunariat and put forward their ideas, encourage start-ups but especially protect their projects and go out with the help experts and ANSEJ partners with turnkey methods and as bravely as possible accompany them and reassure them ... Mrs. Barbère Berrached, the godmother of the scientific club, was the initiator of this very original idea , that of taking the coordinates of each interested person so as not to deprive anyone of the proposed trainings and to contact them at the best time ... this new commitment, Promoting entrepreneurship in the various sectors has been very successful since many people have enrolled ... in this era of efficiency, fortunately our young people have become aware of it as the future smiles on people. most original ideas.



- Clubs R E S Club and Club 'The Meaning of Life:


 The two clubs RES Club and the Club 'The Sense of Life' have contributed through an approach that is part of human development with a very simple and fun approach, that of giving little leaves to passers-by who have proverbs about happiness and positive attitude, on behalf of the University of Tlemcen ... this act has more than ever welded members of both clubs .... fun, singing and acrobatics outdoors were at the rendezvous though the strong wind did not help us much

 - The R E S Languages ​​Club

 were strong on the cultural coffee break, juggling very long sentences in English ... thank you Heji, Toumi, Soltane, Soltani and Dragon: -ex-student excelling in break dance, on an international scale and the young promising Baba Ahmed the acrobatic dancer break ... This first unforgettable March from Lalla Setti to the waterfall of Elouerite, life smiled on us and we understood that the true meaning of life is about sharing and exchange fruitful, on paths crossed between humor, art and the included elements of true happiness what! then the material has no more