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Address   : The University Pole of Imama - BP 262 MANSOURAH - TLEMCEN   

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The news


Promotion Master 2 Entrepreneurship  2019.          


- "We are reassured that the torch has passed in your good hands" .. The phrase repeated so much by the training team in This afternoon of 07/06/2019, which was a commitment of continuity, the revision of the passage from the path to the university, that nostalgia for time past, values ​​inculcated: efficiency, effiscience, the smile and the good handle that regulates and facilitates feedback ... That marketing, business, good communication are not not a finality but approaches that value this human development to make life sweeter in the Faculty, mingle the "Quality" in the exchange and the good living together, plus this well-balanced academic intelligence. of tomorrow but especially informed adults, a club has emerged: "the divergent English Club" and turnkey projects Set up Since the house Of entrepreneurship.

Your selflessness the team! is contagious, so much moved during this ceremony, among others hear very sincere speeches and togas balanced with the vow to remain bound.









This   17/12/2018

 at the Central Library


    Stakeholder engagement remains the cornerstone of any organization's efforts. However, if these processes are not new, they must face a changing environment.

<< In the way of change we find our direction >>


     This was the subject of the awareness day following the opening of the club (Divergent English Club) of the Faculty of Economics,

and Management which insists on using this indispensable language and mastering it with educational and fun activities,

achieve well-defined goals in professional and even personal life.


     We were honored by the visit of the Dean and the Assistant Director of cultural activities who give themselves to the clubs to achieve their goals.

 Article written by Club Manager.


احتفالية المولد النبوي الشريف بنكهة نوفمبرية ،  موعد  ضربناه يوم  27 نوفمبر 2018 الموسوم أعياد

نوفمبر ٢٠١٨  بالمكتبة المركزية من توقيع  طلبة العلوم الاقتصادية والتجارية و علوم التسيير   حيث كان بمثابة  حدث مميز  للاحتفال بثنائية الذكريتين المجيدتين،

  راجعنا فيه القيم المثلى و جددنا فيه نبض روح  وطنيتنا  كما ترحمنا فيه على أرواح شهدائنا الأبرار...


ثرية كانت أمسيتنا باحتضانها مبدعي الفيديو والقلم والرسم حيث  استمتعنا كل الاستمتاع   .E.H


The Cultural and  Scientific activities guide

  Academic Year 2017-2018


 Graduation Ceremony of July 12, 2018

            This 12th of July has gathered in one of the most important scientific fiefs of the University of Temcen (the Central Library: teachers, authorities and administrators for a graduation ceremony, hatch with a speech of the Dean, very targeted, communicating the objectives of the Faculty in a perspective of a better scientific performance.The best graduates at the number of forty between master and license- three majors of each specialty - were rewarded more than an honor for them but also a pride for our Faculty. morning, a celebration with sounds of patriotism and Koran and videos recalling memories of the Faculty and life full of paradoxes of our brave students. The most productive scientifically were invited and honored on occasion lights that enlighten us on the torch of knowledge to return to the dazzling parents students applauding the show, in the center this jet of water sublime, left our students emeritus license and right those of the master.


 Workers' Day 2018

            The first of May 2018, Workers' Day but also an event that brought us all together: students, teachers and ATS from the Faculty of Economics at the sports hall of the university pole of Bouhenek ... .Ambiance good children, some were brushstrokes, others in the challenge of table tennis or chess games and then this solidarity that has been renewed, eyes that sought to be amajouer and paintings spray to reconcile ... a table s' is painted today with our hands, hearth or refuge the expression of our souls, we were astonished even of the greatness of our affinities ... in fact, this mosaic of drawings is rich of our union

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           April 30, 2018




-  Tennis  : 

Table tennis was in the spotlight on February 27, 2018, in the sports hall of the pole of Bouhanak ... 30 competitors were there, to compete under a collegiate atmosphere and in vain the sportsmanship triumphed as if the competitors There was a lot of gratitude for our university, which dictated not only science but good attitude too. Three winners1 Zattam Hichem2 Lahouel Ayoub 3 Beloulou Heji ... the medals were awarded by the Dean of the Faculty of Economics, the Secretary General and our colleague from the Sub Directorate Mr. Abderrahmane cheli ... the participants have asked for a next tournament and we tell them inchallah for a next season



To express their concepts about PEACE, these young academics met this 31st of January 2018 to give us a show ... .A SHOW !! .. this BELKAID with its playful approach involved everyone in a game of BOUKALATE S and set the bar very high by a speech of a fairly sustained beginning, to veinly express his desire to see a better world, without War and hunger, and to transmit his wishes of serenity that would reign on earth ... .. On the video side BOUGUIMA gave us a moment of reflection on a committed music; who has shaken us all, to rethink the essentials of life ... oh, idris soltane, where do you get all this calm and benevolent look? although you are so young! the sound of your Guitar has carried us all to the limit of the evanescence of an unmatched tranquility, a sweetness! ... but the voice of SOLTANi .CH so crystalline rocked us with a feeling of wanting to cry and laugh at the same time ... ... On the desk the elegant KISSI of his so innocent words emanated an altruistic spirit of a boy who loves his Algeria so much as to give rise to a new commitment in everyone of us, that of preserving our love for our homeland ... Of course Khelil and his friend Bhagadadi, so faithful to their reputations, have made us laugh so much, so much talent! A successful improvisation on what human madness can enlighten us on life ... dance, swaying and acrobatics, but a so nice, so cute, so expressive exaltation of joy of our three dancers Breack Dance: BABA AHMED, AAMRE and MEZOUAR.

         True peace reigned during this short hour, we saw happy and sparkling glances of joy that not only enlightened the show but our consciences too .... this juenesse is so promising.




We renew our confidence in our two teams VOLLEYBALL and FOOTBALL MEN next year ... Two teams of brave men who have spent body and soul and arrived in the final, with their second place and they assured the silver medal of the competition between Faculties ... .. The first week of this month December2017 was certainly trying but charged with strong emotions and mixed adventures and avatards.

            With our university which is labeled among the best in the world, the sport begins to count more than an accessory module, a promising future for it is emerging .... we can not thank enough our two champion teams their deployment to count among the emeritus.


Ideas Box 

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  • Please contact us on the Service e-mail:  css.s.eco@gmail.com


  • An Electronic Receipt Acknowledgment will be returned to you immediately
    Their Routings:

  • Your proposals will be communicated to the Direction

  • Your cultural production will be broadcast on the Faculty's e-site, regardless of whether it is in the values and habits of our university community in Tlemcen.




  • 02 Pictures
  • Photocopy of the registration certificate for the current year
  • Attendance of Good Health Issued by the University Health Center
  • Engagement and Information Form issued by the Service.
  • It is possible to make two registrations, one in a Collective Sport and another in an Individual Sport.




  • Is a Bulletin and more precisely a Compendium of the scientific production of the different Tranches which represent the Faculty (TEACHERS, ATS and STUDENTS) and who takes its resources from the Ideas Box ... the production will be presented during the various festivities and events.
  • a Display area is dedicated in each department also to this Effect.







THE FIRST NOVEMBER the Independence Day.

The Feast of ELYENNEYERE on January 12th.

March the 08th the day of the Woman.

April 16th, the day of knowledge.

May 19 the student's day.



Segregates in three sub-championships in particular
1-Between Faculties 2- For each Preparatory School 3-University Social Work

Who will compete according to the legal and regulatory rules communicated according to the charter renewed every year
A winning team / athlete for each discipline will have to represent WILAYA in the regional championship at a later date


 The University of Tlemcen is attending the championship of the Northwest region.



  The Cinq Régions du Paysy will be represented by the University Champion in Discipline.




  • A day for Culture was stopped by the Faculty.


Who will be on June 2nd of each year

  • A notebook containing Observations, Proposals and Coups de Cœurs, will be maintained by the Service and the various speakers will have to emerge and if desired photo.






Contact us by: 

E-mail css.s.eco@gmail.com


Location: The office is located at the ground floor of the Doyenne